Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ewwww smell still there?

Hi all! Have you ever had a problem with removing underarm smells from clothes? I know there are days when family members forget to put on anti-perspirant and sometimes, even after washing said clothes they still smell funky. So what to do? I have personally tried the following and some work on some smells and some work on others. They are ranked according to how effective it has been for me.

1. Rubbing Alcohol. The higher the concentration, the better so 70% is minimum. Put it in a spritzer and spray away at the unseen smell-makers. Bad odor is usually caused by bacteria... so if you kill the bacteria, you generally eradicate the problem. Just make sure that the alcohol that you pick out does not have a strong scent to it.

2. White Vinegar. Dilute it with water 1:1 and placed in a spritzer.

3. Shampoo. Use the ones for oily hair. For this one... you can definitely go with whatever scent you wanna use.

4. Baking soda paste. Messy. Just the same, it does its job...sometimes. Slather it on where odor is strongest and rub it in and let it sit for a few minutes. Problem with this one is it is kinda hard to wash off.

There you go... hope that helps you mothers out there with kids with hyperactive sweat glands.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Last night I had dinner with some friends. Had lots of fun... laughed so hard... as Amie put it... it felt like she was getting washboard abs already haha.

Memorable lines:

Yagit --- So, does Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes have promos such as.... special price for early reservation?

Inting --- Buy casket, get make-over for free!

Dined on chopseuy, adobong kangkong, fried fish, pancit canton and fried crabs. After finishing dinner and while we were just catching up on what has been happening with each other, I tried on Janice's lapiz lazuli ring. When I tried to take it off my middle finger, it got stuck for a second.

So I thought I might as well start with tips on removing a ring that is stuck.

1. Dishwashing liquid --- just rub all over your finger and twist the ring around to get the liquid in the inner part of the ring.
2. Cooking oil --- same principle as the dishwashing liquid.
3. Have a handsome friend place the finger in his mouth and slowly remove it ala Michael removing the stuck ring on Julianne's finger in My Bestfriend's Wedding.


I can write? --- I CAN WRITE!

So... finally a blog account eh, folks? hehehehe

So many of you, my friends have kept on telling me I should blog since I am soooo opinionated and I so many suggestions on solving problems hahaha. So is my long-overdue blog hahahaha.

So.... Tee's Tricks and Treats will aim to do just that.