Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have always been asked why Anton is the way he is...pretty advanced for his age. I keep on is because we never baby-talked around him. The only baby words we had were "pupups," "wawi," and one or two more that I do not remember anymore since they are not being used any longer.

I saw this today as I opened my yahoo page and I went wow! We were on the right track! 17,000 words a day... no wonder my son has such a good grasp on the English language.

I did not do it alone... from the age zero til now, I definitely give credit to my family --- my parents, my sis Mondz, my cousins Marian and Mai --- who spend even just a few minutes of their day talking to my son and reading to him. That is how we got to 17,000 words or even more A DAY!

And that has helped mold my son who is 4 going on 40. ha ha ha.

Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to work at home. I know now just how much just being here to hang out with my son has helped.


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