Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ever had ice tea and upon finishing your glass you are hit with that icky sugar stuff that did not dissolve? Or find yourself putting too much instant ice tea in your glass but there is no more room for more water to balance things out?

I have a 6-yr-old and he loves ice tea and is also fiercely independent.. always wanting to do things on his own. So what did I do to make sure that he does not waste any of the powdered tea? I made ice tea syrup! Now what is that you ask? I just put one pack of instant tea in a lock and lock bottle, added enough water and shook it very well to dissolve the stuff especially the sugar.

This way my son can just get the syrup bottle, shake it well and add the concentrate to his glass of water a little at a time. No need to stir as vigorously since it is already a liquid! When he has adjusted it according to how he likes it.... then he just pops the lid back on the bottle and returns it to the refrigerator.

Nothing wasted. Works for us. Perfect tea all the time. Yey!

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